Phonebanking with Google Voice & Docs tip: arrange the windows

One minor annoyance I’ve noticed about phone banking using Google Voice, when using the “click to call” and “no phone” methods I’ve outlined before (<- follow the links for how-to’s), is that you have to switch tabs a lot.  First you click the phone number link in tab one, then you switch to tab two (with Gmail open in it), bring your mouse to the bottom corner of the page, and click “accept” to start the call.  Not only does this get annoying after a while, but it eats up a few seconds between clicking “call” and clicking “accept”.  Those seconds add up to minutes and hours when you’re doing a lot of calling – and that just won’t do.

What is needed to make this all much more efficient is to be able to click the “accept” button in Gmail without having to tab over, click, then tab back.  If you count them, those 3 unnecessary clicks take about 5 seconds to do.  Eliminating 5 seconds on every call really adds up – if you think about it, that’s 1 minute saved every 12 calls!  So I figured it would really be useful to figure out a way to do that.

Unfortunately, since both Gmail and nearly any phone banking system or online spreadsheet application like Google Docs invariably use https style secure connections, a frame page won’t work.  But, since Click To Call depends on the Google Voice extension for Chrome or Firefox, you can just arrange your windows to share the screen.  If you make the Gmail window take up the bottom part of your screen and the window with the phone banking tool you’re using take up the top part of your screen (see the picture) then you don’t have to switch from tab to tab.

Voila!  Problem solved!

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Window Tiling for Gmail Phone Banking

Window Tiling for Gmail Phone Banking

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