Creative connectivity is the key.  The netroots are going farther into our daily lives than ever before.  As people use the internet and the mobile web more and more for their communications, business, and entertainment needs, reaching out to them becomes ever more complex as the channels along which information flow become more numerous. Once upon a time, in the Web 1.0 days, just having a website was good enough.   Then came web 2.0, and search engine optimization was the key.  Now the web 3.0  days are here, and social networking is king! In the Web 3.0 world, it's not enough to just have a website, or even to have a website with great search engine ranking.  Today, you need profiles on dozens of different social networks.  Not only that, but you still need a website, and it still needs to rank highly in the search engines.  Plus, you also need a constant flow of conversation about your brand in the real time web. In this environment of constant change and ever present conversation, your website has to be much more than a digital brochure, or electronic store.  It has to be the nerve center of your communications strategy. At Netrooted Internet Services, we specialize in building interconnected web presences that get your message out along multiple different channels, and give you a central interface to control it all.



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